DIY Face Mask – Honey, Baking Soda and ACV.

Hi Chics!

I haven’t experimented with a DIY face mask in awhile and I’ve really wanted to do one and share it with you Chics! I was looking through my cupboards and I saw that I had baking Soda, honey and apple cider vinegar and that will be my face mask!


This face mask is great for acne-prone skin, apple cider vinegar is packed with potassium, magnesium, acetic acid and various enzymes that kill bacteria on the skin. Then you have all these antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties come from the baking soda which really helps treat the cause as well as reduce the symptoms of acne and other breakouts.

The recipe:

1tsp – ACV

2tsp – Honey

1tsp – Baking soda


I then mix it up all together, so that it forms a thick paste. You may need to add more of each product depending on how you like the thickness, I put an extra teaspoon of baking soda in mine as I really like a thick mask appose to a runny mask.

When wearing this, I first began to feel a tingling feeling it wasn’t discomforting and it wasn’t hurting so I decided that I would just let the mask do its thing and see where it goes. After 10-15 minutes the tingling stopped and the mask had ‘dried’ up as much as it could considering it’s quite thick.


After I took the face mask off, I noticed that my skin felt a lot tighter and the pores on my nose seemed to be slightly smaller. But after a couple of weeks using this on a daily basis the spots on cheeks were getting less, of course I still have the odd one but overall I think this mask has really helped the amount of spots I get. The redness in my face has also been reduced.


Is there any DIY face masks you would like to try? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x


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